One-Mile Walk to Bus Stop Too Far for Kids, Parents Say

The children walking home from a bus stop in Bryant can barely make the walk in the August Arkansas heat without stopping for multiple breaks along the dirt road. Parents are expressing extreme concern over the safety and health of the children who walk over a mile to get home, the younger kids crying from the heat and exhaustion.

“It’s about a mile’s walk and she has a hard time doing it,” says the sister of an 8-year-old who makes the trek every day. “It’s our third day doing it and she ends up crying when we get to the gate,” she said.

School having only been in session for less than a week, Bryant parents are worried that the distance is too dangerous of a walk. The children admit to taking breaks to sit alongside the road and catch their breath, which undoubtedly invites trouble and room for strangers to make contact with the children.

Kids who ride the bus to school are left in the care of the driver, who may sometimes behave negligently or cruelly toward them. Reports of children being dropped off at the wrong stop or even in the wrong city are becoming increasingly frequent.

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