Oliver Law Firm Reading Program

Oliver Law Firm is proud to have a reading program and a library full of great books.  The mission of our reading program is to create personal growth, inspiration and training for our team and to continuously improve our client services.   Oliver Law Firm offers its team members an opportunity to be rewarded with their reading incentive program.  Books for the incentive program may be selected from a wide range of topics available in the office library.  Criteria is simple to qualify for the rewards program.


1.  Read a book.

2.  Prepare a 1-4-page memo of your book outlining:

a.  top 5-10 points of the book

b.  how has this book affected my life?

c.  how can the book make a difference to those we help?

(clients, potential clients, associating attorneys, the community)

d.  misc. points

3.  Limit of 2 books/memos per month to qualify

4.  1 – 15 reward levels.  After 15 rewards, start back at 1.

There are 15 separate rewards including movie passes, gift certificates, a massage and facial, car detailing and CASH!  Oliver Law Firm Reading Program is a great way to learn, develop new skills and earn rewards!