Halloween is Scarier Than You Might Think

HALLOWEEN COSTUMESAs we near the end of October and the holiday it brings, it is important to keep the safety risks in mind to make sure it is an enjoyable time for all. You might not think of Halloween as being a dangerous holiday, but it is actually one of the most dangerous. Pedestrians are particularly at risk on this holiday, but they are not the only ones. Trick-or-treater’s going door to door is a hallmark of the holiday and while this is a fun time, the amount of people traveling across other’s property presents many hazards that should be prepared for.

Some common hazards include people falling down stairs, tripping on home owner’s property and animal bites. So, as you set the decorations up and get the bowl of candy ready, keep the following tips in mind to make sure your home is a safe place. The costumes that people wear often obscures their vision so that areas that would typically not pose a risk turn into a hazard. This is why you should make sure any area of your property that people will walk upon is well lit. Some costumes can also get caught up on accessories you might have on your yard like sidewalk lights or any decorations you have up. Be sure and remain mindful of this as you get ready for trick-or-treater’s.

Another Halloween risk are fire hazards. Longer costumes can run into any candles you might have around as decoration. The more common hazard however are electrical fires. With all the lights and decorations, overloading electrical outlets is something to make sure you remain mindful of. For a comprehensive set of safety tips, check out this list compiled by the Center for Disease Control.

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