Susan Allen’s Experience with Oliver Law Firm

“On March 31, 2013, our lives changed forever. Our 24-year-old son Wade Walters was killed when a crane collapsed at Arkansas Nuclear One. In a moment we were thrown into a world we had no experience in. We were in absolute shock. Our son left for work and now he is dead. How did it happen? What do we do? How do we even start to get answers from big corporations?

Thank God our local attorney and friend called Oliver Law Firm and they met with us right away. The first time I saw Sach Oliver he drove up in a big pickup truck. He was anything but your typical attorney. We could not have been more comfortable. Oliver Law Firm team have been the perfect mix of professional and personable. I often tell people that if we had hired another team I don’t know that I could have gone through this process. Oliver Law Firm was the right call.”

– Susan Allen

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