Mariann McCause’s Story

I was headed home from work one Friday afternoon when I was hit by a semi truck on the interstate. My whole world changed in an instant. The truck driver was found to be at fault. I found out shortly after that I would need some serious medical intervention for my injuries I received from the wreck. The truck driver’s insurance refused to cover anything only adding to the stress and emotional impact from the wreck.

I sought out help. I called Oliver Law Firm after hearing a recommendation from a friend. I met with Geoff Hamby and he assured me that the insurance company was in the wrong and he could help me. Over the next several months, Geoff and the amazing team at Oliver Law Firm walked me through the process the whole way. They kept me informed and went above and beyond my expectations. With all of my heart, I can not say “Thank You” enough for helping me when I was helpless.

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