Why 18-wheeler Wrecks Happen

18-wheeler trucks are still the most commonly used method for transferring goods from one place to another in the United States. According to the National Transportation Safety Administration, on average, more than 400,000 wrecks involving large trucks occur each year.

Why does this happen?

As Federal motor Carrier Safety Administration studies reveal, most 18-wheeler wrecks (like most car wrecks) are due to safety errors. Some of the most common preventable errors include hours of operations violations – leading to sleepy drivers, driving too fast to meet a deadline, using drivers who are undertrained, and driving a tractor or trailer that has mechanical defects. Often times, it is a combination of these and other factors that lead to an 18-wheeler wreck.

That is why it is important to investigate a tractor-trailer wreck as soon as possible. The sooner experts can examine the scene of the wreck and the vehicles involved, the better the chance of finding evidence that will lead to the root cause of the wreck.

We at Oliver Law Firm have an experienced team of trial attorneys and trucking experts who can sift through the logbooks, scene analysis, and vehicle inspections to get to the truth of what happened. Being able to demonstrate what happened before vehicles are repaired, logbooks lost, and crash scenes contaminated is vital to holding those responsible to account.

If you are involved in an 18-wheeler wreck, call us right away so we can protect the evidence that could be vital to proving your case. Oliver Law Firm uses unique and aggressive strategies to make sure every step of an 18-wheeler case is handled with the goal of putting our clients in the strongest possible positon to pursue justice. Call us today for a free consultation; (479) 202-5200.