Tractor-trailer Tire Blowouts Cause injury, too

You can suffer harm at the hands of a tractor-trailer without crashing into it. Because tractor-trailers are so massive compared to the average care (about 20 times the weight) they require larger tires. When one of these tires blows, it can cause disastrous results.

What causes a tire to blow? The most common causes are improper maintenance, defects in the tire, or an overloaded trailer. Trucking companies are required to train their drivers to check the air pressure in tires and to supervise them to make sure it is done properly. When a driver fails to check and the air pressure gets too low, the weight of the tractor-trailer can cause the tire to blow.

Tire defects also cause tire blowouts. Tread separation is the most common type of defect. This happens with the tread separates and the belt detaches from the tire. Bad tire material, incorrect manufacturing, and faulty installation can cause tread separation. In cases like these, it is usually the manufacturer or tire installer who is liable for the harms that occur.

When blowouts occur at high speed, the results can be catastrophic. A blowout on a fully loaded 18-wheeler that is traveling at highway speed can make controlling the tractor-trailer incredibly difficult. This can lead to the 18-wheeler losing control and running off the road or crashing into other vehicles. The debris from the separated tire is also a hazard for motorists behind the large truck. This is especially dangerous for smaller cars.

If you notice a tire wobbling or starting separate, back off, pull over, or safely switch lanes. If a blowout has caused you to be injured, call Oliver Law Firm immediately. There is key evidence that must be preserved to prove your case.

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