Springdale Fall Carnival in Full Swing

Fall carnival ride dangers

Autumn was in the air as the annual family-friendly Fall Carnival kicked off in Springdale last night.

At 6 p.m., Parsons Stadium welcomed visitors to enjoy rides, games, and all that comes with the area’s beloved event. The festival, which has been running for 10 years, will run through the weekend, ending on Sunday.

On Oct. 4, visitors can watch the Demolition Derby, which will include cars from the four-state area. The prize for the derby winner is $10,000. Arm bands are available to patrons for $20 today, but prices will rise to $25 for the Friday and Saturday events.

Although crews cleaned and inspected the rides, parents still need to make safety a priority to ensure their children leave the carnival as happy as they arrived.

Oliver Law Firm would like to remind adults to keep the following safety tips in mind when prepping for a day at the festival:

  1. Follow ride restrictions – If your child is too short to ride, don’t allow them to do so. Height and weight guidelines are in place to prevent injury, they are not suggestions. A small child can easily slip out of a lap belt or harness that is too loose for them, and many rides flip their passengers upside-down or fling them from side to side. Be cautious and keep your child’s size in mind!
  2. Stay hydrated – With all of the excitement, it’s easy to forget to pack and drink H2O throughout the day. Water is your best friend when it comes to beating heat-related illnesses. With the dropping temperatures it isn’t likely that this will be an issue, but children can easily become dehydrated after several hours of running from activity to activity. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen for extended stays!
  3. Be aware of your surroundings – Turning your back for only a second can result in serious injury to a small child, who may be more focused on having fun than being safe. Ensure they enter and exit the rides at appropriate times and places, and never leave your child unattended.
  4. Alert the staff to any problems you see – if you observe anything out of place or clearly improper—like a broken restraint or wheel—make sure to alert a park attendant. Chances are, you’ve spotted something that could cause a potentially disastrous situation.

Sadly, too many theme park patrons have been injured or killed trying to enjoy a day at the fair. While a severe accident is not the norm, they are very possible. Do everything in your power to eliminate any issues, and if you or your child has a bad feeling about a particular ride, find another attraction.

Oliver Law Firm wishes everyone a safe and fun 2014 Fall Carnival!