Semi-Truck Crash Causes Pile-Up in Bella Vista – Truckers in Hospital

A seven-vehicle pileup sent two truck drivers to the hospital on Monday.

According to the authorities, the crash occurred at just after 12:30 p.m. near the intersection of Bella Vista Way and McNelly Rd in Bella Vista.

State Police Cpl. Raymond B. Triplett says that the pileup occurred when a 2010 Peterbilt semi-truck crashed into the rear of a 2014 Kenworth semi-truck driven, causing rear-end impact to the five vehicles in front of the Kenworth in a terrifying chain reaction. The Kenworth and five cars were waiting at a red light when the Peterbilt struck the truck.

The driver of the Peterbilt has been identified as Dale Pitts, 57, of Emporia, KS. The Kenworth’s driver was Timothy Ryals, of Philadelphia, MS.

Both Pitts and Ryals were taken to Northwest Medical Center – Bentonville via ambulance. Neither had life-threatening injuries, according to firefighters and police.

The other drivers involved in the semi-truck accident include:

  • Allison Glahn, 31, of Springdale
  • Christina Lee, 36, of Bella Vista
  • Carole Schneider, 67, of Bella Vista
  • Gary Staton, 46, of Neosho, MO
  • William Bodine, 65, of Sedalia, MO

The crash led to 50,000 lbs of raw, frozen chicken spilling onto the road and backing up traffic. The road remained slick for hours due to liquid from the thawing chicken, despite efforts to sand the road. Arkansas Department of Health Spokeswoman Kerry Krell says the road has been cleaned and the chicken shouldn’t pose any health concerns.