Jogger Killed By A Jeep

In an unfortunate reminder about what can happen on the road ways, a driver accidentally hit and killed a jogger.

The jogger, identified as Deborah Hilbrand, was killed on July 15, 2014 during the morning commute. Hilbrand was struck by a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Jason Purvis.

Authorities suspect that Purvis was driving negligently and have charged him with negligent homicide and reckless driving among other charges.

The accident occurred at the intersection of U.S. 62 and Little Elm Road. The jogger was running east when the Jeep driving west left the shoulder and struck the 46-year-old victim.

Hilbrand is said to have run this path on a regular basis and was traveling her normal jogging route. The driver of the Jeep was arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

It is unclear whether intoxication may have been a factor in the car accident. The incidence of joggers being killed by cars is actually higher than one might think.

For instance, on the same day as the Hilbrand fatal accident in Arkansas, a 75-year-old jogger in Connecticut was fatally struck by a dump truck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 4,500 pedestrians are killed every year. The NHTSA also reports that more than 70,000 are injured in accidents involving vehicles.

This tragedy in Northwest Arkansas is a reminder that every motorist has a responsibility to drive safely because pedestrians are less protected. Accidents involving pedestrians rarely injure the driver.

The pedestrians often do not fare very well. Pedestrian and vehicle accidents tend to occur most often at locations near highways and poorly lit or maintained roads. The accidents are also more likely to occur during early and late hours.