Focus Groups are the Key to Trial Success

Our firm conducts at least one focus group on every case we have in litigation. In our firm, that is almost every case. Our focus groups consist of gathering 12-18 people from the community where the lawsuit is filed and presenting the case to those mock jurors. Then the jurors give us feedback for trial preparation.

If a case is worthy of trial, it is worthy of a focus group. Clients and trial lawyers have one shot at winning…the TRIAL. In almost every aspect of life where winning and losing are at stake, practice is necessary. Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers practiced and played other football games before they won the Super Bowl this past year? Absolutely, hundreds of times. So why would you not expect a trial attorney to practice the case or test the case with a jury before the big “super bowl” trial?

Our firm also conducts focus groups for outside firms. Other firms hire us to conduct a focus group on their case. We have done focus groups for both sides, plaintiff and defense. When you (clients and lawyers) realize that the jury governs the entire case from the beginning, through discovery, and up to trial, you will want a focus group for your case.