Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

Do you have a drop-side crib for your small child? If so, you need to know about this recall.

On Tuesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 500,000 drop-side cribs after it was discovered a plastic hardware on Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS cribs can break and allow the drop side to detach. In addition, the mattress supports can break away from the crib frames. Both defects create gaps where a small child can be trapped and suffocate or strangle. The cribs were sold at Buy Buy Baby, Kmart, Wal-Mart and a handful of other furniture and baby specialty stores. Generation 2 Worldwide is now out of business.

According to the CPSC, the Commission received reports of three children (two 8-months-old, and a 6-month-old) who died of suffocation due to the defect. The CPSC says it also received 20 other reports of defects.

Crib owners should contact the place of purchase for information on remedies including refunds, replacements and store credit. The CPSC says owners should contact the agency if they have difficulty getting a remedy.