Elderly Man Sole Fatality in Wrong Way Crash on I-49

elderly man dies in wrong-way car accidentA 72-year-old man was killed in a wrong-way accident that took place the evening of Jan. 14 when he entered Interstate 49 via the freeway’s off-ramp for unknown reasons.

Police say the driver was David Sack, an employee at the Walmart located on Pleasant Grove Road where he was last seen before the accident occurred.

Sack’s wife, Becky Sack, told local news station KHBS 40/20 TV that she and her husband left the store in separate vehicles. While Becky Sack hit a green light, the same light turned red shortly thereafter and stopped her husband’s vehicle. Beck Sack proceeded home without worrying about whether her husband was still behind her.

According to reports, Sack struck oncoming traffic after driving up the interstate’s off-ramp.

Becky Sack said she received a call from one of her husband’s coworkers who explained that they saw his truck collide with traffic on the ramp. While still on the phone with the coworker, a trooper knocked on Becky Sack’s door to deliver the news of her husband’s death.

An investigation will be conducted by a special task force dispatched from Northwest Arkansas. Witnesses are being sought to piece together the details of Sack’s accident, and if anyone has information they are encouraged to contact authorities.

Wrong-way accidents are usually the result of driver error, and it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of such a crash when little is known about the driver’s behavior at the time of the collision. When operating a motor vehicle, it is important to obey all road rules and traffic signs to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

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