The Contingency Fee Structure and Your Case

If you’ve been in an auto accident, hiring a lawyer who utilizes the contingency fee structure can be the biggest asset to your case.

Why? Because if you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer, a contingency fee means you get to file your claim anyway.

Consider the following example: On your way home from work, you are rear-ended by a driver who is later found to be intoxicated. Several days later your insurance assesses the damage and reveals that it is extensive; your neck and back are beginning to hurt and you think you might need another look at it.

At this point, you are paying for a rental car to continue working; the bill for your emergency room visit just came in and you may have to charge it to your credit card; add to these expenses the cost of a trip to the chiropractor. With the money you’ve already spent out of pocket, how could you even consider hiring a lawyer? The drunk driver may have been negligent, but you simply don’t have the cash flow for a consultation and hourly attorneys’ fees.

This is how the contingency fee can make a difference in the lives of many would-be plaintiffs.

Attorneys like those at Oliver Law Firm operate on a contingency fee system which defers any payment until after the case is settled or a successful jury verdict is returned. In this scenario, you are able to hire a lawyer and recover compensation to pay for your lost wages, medical expenses, and more, while the legal fees are paid with a percentage of your award amount.

A sensible lawyer will usually only accept a case they are certain they can win, especially if they work on contingency fees, so if your case is accepted that should be a good indication that your lawyer has confidence in your claims.

Oliver Law Firm supports the contingency fee. We empower our clients through the contingency fee structure. Our job is to serve you, and we have found that the contingency fee system is an important part of doing that.

If you have a question about an accident you were involved in, or would like more information about how we use contingency fees, contact Oliver Law Firm for a free review.

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