Book Report – Becoming a Person of Influence by John C. Maxwell & Jim Doman

One need not be famous or in a high-profile position to be a person of influence. Parents, spouses, teachers, pastors, friends or any person you interact with influence your opinions. As long as we interact with each other we are influencers. This book contains practical knowledge not only for managers, but for anyone who wants to become a better human being.

The authors, John Maxwell and Jim Doman, define influence using the following concepts: Integrity with people, Nurtures other people, Faith in people, Listens to people, Understands people, Enlarges people, Navigates for other people, Connects with people, Empowers people and Reproduces other influencers.

Both authors agree that as you strengthen your character, you will enjoy a more fulfilling and productive life, at work and at home. When we have a strong sense of integrity, people tend to accept our opinions with an open mind. They believe that as you maintain your honesty, integrity, unselfishness, kindness and understanding you will enjoy a more fulfilling life.

For me the first chapter of the book, Become a Person of Integrity, was the key point of the book. Integrity requires an inner sense of “wholeness” and consistency of character. We all have a constant choice to bend our actions to conform to our principles; or we can be bend our principles to conform to our actions. In order to maintain our integrity, every day we must choose to keep our principles first row and center of our mind as a guide to manage our actions. Integrity is not determined by the circumstances, and will make you stay in the right course even when the wrong one is easier.

I believe this is a must read in our office. Our team works daily with people who are going through difficulties in their life, sometimes we might be the only support and encouragement they need to overcome adversity. We all are, as a team or individuals, influencers who impact the lives of many people on a daily basis. This book is a great tool to help us get better at what we do and make a real positive difference in the lives of our clients and our community.

“If you give yourself to enlarging others and assisting them in reaching their potential, the rewards you reap will be almost as great as the ones of the people you help” – From Becoming a Person of Influence.