Avoid Liability When Hosting This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching as families across the country hustle to finish up their holiday planning. It is a time for gift-giving and relaxation with loved ones, but gathering together under one roof can create its own problems too. Christmas day and New Year’s Eve parties are a popular way to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. While these get-togethers are a fun event, if you are hosting one there is something you should be on the lookout for. Whether it’s eggnog on Christmas or champagne on New Year’s, alcohol finds its way into these gatherings quite frequently.

Not to say that you should abandon the thought all-together, but if you are planning on serving a stronger drink this holiday season then you should know about Arkansas’s “social hosts” law. The law is a short one that can be found here for your own perusal, but this is the pertinent part: “[A] person who exercises control over private property shall not knowingly allow a person under twenty-one years of age who is not a family member of the person to consume alcohol on the private property.”

This law only applies to the person(s) who is actually in control and present on the property at the time the consumption occurs. There is also an exemption for any alcoholic drink that is consumed during a religious ceremony or for a religious purpose. The biggest exception is that the host cannot serve a person under twenty-one “who is not a family member”. As a host, you still retain control over what your children and family consume but when friends are invited over it can be difficult to control the situation if drinks are being passed around.

The last thing people want to think about on Christmas vacation are possible legal quandaries but please keep this law in mind so that you can make sure your vacation stays a vacation. If you have questions or are seeking legal assistance this Christmas, please feel free to contact Oliver Law Firm. We have years of experience litigating complex cases and representing clients who have suffered from personal injuries. With our representation, you can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to provide you the legal help you deserve. Our office is located just West of Exit 81 on I-49 in Rogers, Arkansas at 3606 W. Southern Hills Blvd. Give us a call at 479-202-5200.

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