2015 Safety Resolutions

While most resolutions in January are about health, finances and relationships, a safety resolution can be a great addition to this year’s set of resolutions.

A safety resolution is a promise or vow that you will make safety a priority. Thousands of Americans are injured seriously each year. A safety resolution can help you avoid becoming a casualty.

Distracted Driving

In a world where we are all linked into the Internet 24/7, distracted driving has risen to become among the most common cause of auto accidents. Drivers are on their phones, fiddling with their GPS navigation systems, emailing and or texting while they drive.

This has resulted in many tragic, yet preventable, auto accidents across America. Next year, make a resolution that you will not use your smartphone or other devices while you are driving unless you are parked.

While everyone believes that they can drive well while distracted, this is far from the truth. Don’t text, email or surf the Internet while you drive. Keep you and everyone else on the roads safe.

Defective Products

One hidden safety concern that people forget to address is the issue of recalled products. There are several steps you can take to protect your loved ones from dangerous products. Next year, make sure that you:

  • Sign up for all warranties so that you receive notices of recalls
  • Report all injuries to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Create Google news alerts for product recalls
  • Read the fine print and do research before purchasing items

Safety is a responsibility that belongs to all of us. Ensuring that you drive safely and that you identify recalled products will help keep everyone in our communities safe.

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