Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Oliver Law Firm has its own courtroom. Our courtroom has state of the art technology that is used in real courtrooms all across the country. We use our courtroom to conduct focus groups and mock trials. A focus group is a form of pretrial research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, impressions, beliefs, attitudes, curiosities, questions, and other feedback about a case. Each and every case we work on undergoes multiple focus groups where the facts of the case are presented to jurors from the community where the event occurred. The feedback received and learned from the mock trial jurors is truly invaluable as we prepare for the client’s real trial. Just remember when you see us in the real courtroom; we have already worked up the case in our own courtroom. It allows for better preparation and better results.

The jury decides the fate of each case; not a lawyer; not the judge. Therefore, conducting focus groups is the best way to study what the real jury thinks about a case. Focus groups help to:

  • Flag the most important issues
  • Test strategies
  • Show weaknesses and strengths
  • Present the questions jurors want answered
  • Develop themes, arguments, and analogies helpful to the jury
  • Critique exhibits and visual aids
  • Assist with discovery, depositions, and other trial preparation steps

Click here to download a blank Focus Group confidentiality form.

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