The Power of Documentaries

DocumentaryInvestigation Blog No. 3

At Oliver Law Firm, our number one objective is to get the best possible results for our clients.  They come to us after having been through a tragic life-changing event.  They need someone to fight for them, and our team of professionals will use every weapon possible to win the battle.

One of those tools that are really useful, especially in a medical negligence case, is the documentary.  It’s a video production that basically tells the story of our clients – before the incident and after.  At worst, medical negligence results in death.  Many times, medical negligence leads to permanent disability and an adverse impact of one’s quality of life.

The documentaries feature, when possible, interviews with those who were injured.  We also talk to family members and friends who often provide emotional testimony about the lives of their loved ones before the incident and after.  And, we include video clips from depositions.  Our objective is to show the consequences of negligence on the lives of real people.

Though these documentaries are seldom, if ever, shown in trial, they are useful during the mediation process and can help pave the way to an out-of-court agreement.  We also send the documentaries to the defense attorney and the defendant’s insurance company to make sure an adequate amount of funds are set aside for the case.

As mentioned in our previous blog, we produce visual boards to help us tell the story and detail the timeline of our cases.  Focus groups assist in the development of these visual elements.  The input received is helpful as we continually work to refine our messaging for trial.

In a medical negligence case, we conduct a thorough review of our clients’ medical records before and after the incident.  We will also consult with medical experts.  Based on the testimony received from our experts, we will reassemble our focus groups and ask them to evaluate the expert feedback.

We also know that the defendant’s attorneys are also utilizing medical experts, so we try to learn as much as we can about those doctors by reviewing any previous court testimony and reading any published material that they may have.

Like a football team scouting the opposition to develop a successful game plan, we, too, gather information about defendant’s team that might be useful to our development of a winning case.

We hope these blogs have been educational for you as we give you a peek inside the investigative unit of Oliver Law Firm.  We work hard for our clients and, should you ever need us, we’ll be there to fight for you.

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