Why You Should Immediately Go to an Emergency Room Following an Automobile Accident

The Advantage of Having Your Injuries Immediately Documented

The first thing you should do if you are involved in an accident is to attend to your own health. If you can talk to the authorities, please do so, but if you are unable to safely talk to the authorizes, follow the directions of the medical personnel at the scene. If the medical personnel think you should take an ambulance, that is always a wise and prudent thing to do. The medical providers in the ambulance can immediately measure your vital signs and administer necessary treatment. This will go a long way in defeating the other driver’s insurance company’s insistence that you were not hurt. Documenting you sought medical assistance immediately following the accident is extremely valuable in proving your damages.

Immediate Treatment Can Lessen the Severity of Your Injuries

In the Emergency Room physicians can prescribe pain relieving medications and muscle relaxers. If the doctors think you have sustained internal injuries those can be documented and treated. If it is necessary for you to be admitted to the hospital for observation that can easily be accomplished.

If You Are Not Seriously Injured, It Is Comforting to Know That Early On

Lots of time, people who are in an accident develop PTSD and are scared to get into a car again. By going to the Emergency Room early, and learning you do not have serious injuries, this will lessen the possibility of developing PTSD.

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