How to Protect Your Rights After a Semi-Truck Accident

If you were seriously harmed by an 18-wheeler, protecting your legal rights after a semi-truck accident is extremely important. Semi-truck accidents often leave victims facing significant and long-term costs, and recovering fair compensation can be critical for avoiding unnecessary physical, emotional, and financial strain.

To protect your legal rights, there are both steps you need to take and mistakes you need to avoid. In the immediate aftermath of a serious semi-truck accident, it is up to you to take appropriate action while avoiding miscues that could prevent you from recovering the compensation you deserve. As a result, knowing what to do (and what not to do) is extremely important.

5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Semi-Truck Accident in Arkansas

So, how can you protect your rights after a semi-truck accident in Arkansas? Here are five mistakes to avoid—along with some tips for what to do instead:

1. Do Not Make Any Assumptions About What Happened 

You should not make any assumptions about what triggered the accident. When you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious semi-truck accident, you need to be making informed decisions. So, don’t rule out any possibilities, and don’t let flawed assumptions stand in the way of asserting your legal rights. 

What to do instead: Instead of making assumptions about what happened, you should hire a lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation. After analyzing all of the available evidence, your lawyer will be able to determine who (or what company) is responsible for the crash.

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2. Do Not Say That You Were (or Might Have Been) At Fault 

In this same vein, under no circumstances should you say that you were (or may have been) at fault in the collision. You should not even say that you may have been partially at fault in the crash. The reality is, at this point, you simply don’t know. Semi-truck accidents can be incredibly complex; and, until you hire a lawyer to investigate, the fact of the matter is that you have no way of knowing what triggered the accident. 

What to do instead: Instead of saying that you were (or may have been) at fault, you should wait to learn the outcome of your lawyer’s investigation. Your lawyer will provide a straightforward assessment of liability; and, if you were partially at fault, your lawyer will explain what this means for your claim.

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3. Do Not Ignore Your Pain or Other Injury Symptoms 

After a semi-truck accident, it is extremely important not to ignore your pain or any other injury symptoms. You should see a doctor promptly; and, if you experience new symptoms after your doctor’s visit, you should seek a second diagnosis. Not only is this important for recovering from your injuries, but it is also important for protecting your legal rights. 

What to do instead: Instead of ignoring your symptoms, you should prioritize your medical needs. Once you receive a diagnosis, follow your doctor’s advice (or seek a second opinion if necessary). 

4. Do Not Settle Before You Know How Much You Are Entitled to Recover

If it is clear that you are entitled to financial compensation for your semi-truck accident, the insurance companies may offer you a quick settlement. While settling quickly can be tempting, it can also be very risky. If you settle too soon, you may end up with far less than you deserve, and you most likely won’t get a second chance to assert your legal rights. 

What to do instead: Instead of accepting a quick settlement, you should work with your lawyer to carefully calculate the long-term costs of your injuries. This includes not only your financial costs (i.e., your medical expenses and lost wages), but also your non-financial costs (i.e., pain and suffering).

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5. Do Not Wait to Take Action

When you have a claim after a semi-truck accident in Arkansas, waiting to take action can make it much more difficult to effectively assert your legal rights. In Arkansas, you have three years after the accident to make a claim (see Ark. Code § 16-116-203). If you fail to seek action within the statute of limitations, you may lose your ability to recover compensation for your injuries.

What to do instead: Instead of waiting to take action, you should speak with a semi-truck accident lawyer in Arkansas as soon as possible. You can get started with a FREE consultation, and you should not have to pay anything unless your lawyer helps you secure a settlement or verdict.

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