What is personal injury law?

At Oliver Law Firm we specialize in Personal Injury law.  But, what exactly is “personal injury” law?  When a person’s body, mind or emotions are hurt, because of the negligence or carelessness of someone else, it is a legal circumstance known as personal injury.  This includes wrongful death and situations where an injury can prove fatal.  (Personal injury law is often referred to as tort law.)

Personal injuries are seen and unseen.  In addition to physical suffering, there is often long-lasting mental and emotional pain as well. Financial hardship through lost wages and medical expenses can occur due to a personal injury.  The law provides financial protection for individuals who have suffered injuries because of the negligence of others.  It also provides protection in the form of compensation for emotional suffering and anguish.

While the categories of cases that are considered personal injury is wide-ranging, the attorneys at Oliver Law Firm have experience in a long list of personal injury matters including but not limited to:

18 Wheeler Accidents

Construction & Worksite

Car Accidents

Consumer Class Actions

Product Liability

Wrongful Death

Aviation Accidents

Industrial Accidents

Environmental Accidents

Nuclear Energy

Combustible Dust Fire Accidents

Fraternity Hazing Accidents & Injuries

Hospitality Industry Accidents

Boating Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

(Additional information is available by clicking any of these topics.  If your personal injury issue is not listed, please call our office 479-202-5200 to learn how we can help you seek justice.)

Life-changing injury can happen in the blink of an eye, or it can be the result of a pattern of neglect and abuse.  You want a legal team that is tenacious in its pursuit of justice in these matters. You want a team that is ready to fight to make sure you don’t pay the price for another’s negligence.  At Oliver Law Firm law Firm we believe in going the extra mile to make sure our clients are treated fairly and justly.  We make sure that all parties responsible for your injury are held accountable.


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