Team MarieI participate in a couple of annual events in Northwest Arkansas and I am appreciative that Oliver Law Firm encourages our community involvement. These events are extremely personal for me.

The first one is the Cancer Challenge. It used to be called the Phillips Classic and I have volunteered under both names for quite a few years. I started volunteering because my daughter was a junior tennis player and played in the tennis tournament during her junior tennis years. I realized then what a worthy cause it was and what a great impact the event had on our local community. Then tragedy struck my family. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer and died 6 months after the diagnosis on June 3, 1993. He received wonderful compassionate care from all of his oncology medical providers. It was after his death that the Cancer Challenge became personal for me. We have since had other family members who have died or recovered from cancer. Since I have worked for Oliver Law Firm I have volunteered at the Cancer Challenge and also attended the Gala and Live Auction as a representative of Oliver Law Firm and it gives me the opportunity to honor my family members and especially my father.

In the last few years, I have also become involved with the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I was able to take time out from my day to serve on the Walk Committee for a couple of years and also participate in the Walk itself. My mother, her sister and their mother all died from Alzheimer’s so, once again, this is a very personal and emotional event for me. Our team is called Team Marie in honor of my mother. It comprises my husband, my children and friends.

The opportunity to participate in these events, to meet people and the camaraderie of volunteering is very uplifting. It feels good to do something for other people. I would encourage everyone to find something that is personal and meaningful and then be of service to that cause. What you reap is greater than what you sow.