Understanding How Big Pharma Created the Opioid Epidemic

A new report by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) finds that a pharmaceutical company lied and misrepresented facts about its powerful opioid product, Subsys, for profit. According to the report, Insys misrepresented the side effects of Subsys, a powerful opioid drug, used for end of life cancer patients, in order to make more profit.

The report found that in 2012, Subsys got reimbursement approval from insurers in only about 30% of cases. The company then set up a special unit, the Insys Reimbursement Center, to get that number up. The report found that the unit allegedly falsified patients’ medical records to help sell the drug.

When the representatives of Insys misled about a patient’s needs, they pushed a dangerous drug to people resulting in misuse, addiction, and death. “According to a class action lawsuit, Insys management was aware that only about 10% of prescriptions were for cancer patients. The Oregon Department of Justice investigation found that 78% of preauthorization forms submitted by Insys on behalf of Oregon patients were for off-label uses.

An extensive Los Angeles Times investigation found, the maker of OxyContin had a sales memo titled ”$$$$$$$$$It’s Bonus Time in the Neighborhood!”

With these facts uncovered, it is easy to see how babies are born addicted to these strong opioids.

At Oliver Law Firm, we are outraged by the tactics big pharma has used to hook unsuspecting mothers on these drugs.  The real victims of the drug companies schemes to make more profit are the innocent babies that are born addicted.

If you know of a baby that was born addicted to opioids, please call us at 479-202-5200. We can help.

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