Tires and Wheels Separate from Truck and Kill Harrisburg Man.

TIRE OFF TRUCKSaturday, October 9th was a beautiful, warm, fall day in Harrisburg, AR.  Mike Hamrick, 60, was in the yard at his home located along Arkansas state highway 14.  We’re not sure what he was doing, it’s irrelevant to this story.  We do know however, around 2:15 pm a big-rig truck was traveling east along Hwy 14 when the right rear tires and wheels of the trailer separated from the trailer and struck Mr. Hamrick killing him.

At Oliver Law Firm, we represent families whose lives have been changed in an instant resulting from a vehicle crash.  We pursue trucking companies who cause injuries that occur due to negligence.  What kind of safety inspections were done on the truck whose tires and wheels unnecessarily separated, flew into the yard of Mike Hamrick and caused his death?  The Hamrick family of Harrisburg is forever changed.

We tenaciously pursue justice in cases like this.  There is no excuse for pain, suffering or death caused by failure to follow safety standards and trucking regulations.  If you or a loved one has been injured by an 18-wheeler, call us for a free consultation (479) 202-5200.  You can also click the CHAT NOW at the top of this page or visit our office.  Our office is located just West of Exit 81 off 1-49 at3606 W. Southern Hills Blvd., Rogers, Arkansas.  We serve all of Arkansas and surrounding states.

Source:  Arkansas Department of Public Safety

Additional information:  Lawsuits for Tires & Wheels Falling Off Trucks, The Natinal Review, March 1, 2021