Tips for Handling Insurance Adjustors

Low-Ball Offers: Insurance companies train their adjustors to push you into accepting a low-ball offer, even if you have been severely injured in an automobile accident. Why do they do this?  So, the insurance company can make more profit.

Tactics: Don’t insurance companies have to be fair?  Only if it is your auto insurance company you are dealing with.  If it is the insurance company for the driver that hit you that you are dealing with, they don’t have to be fair.  Those adjustors can use whatever tactics they can get away with to push you into accepting a low-ball offer.

Pressure:  How do insurance adjustors do this?  Insurance companies know that medical bills are mounting, some medical providers may have turned you over to a collection agency.  Your whole world has been turned upside down.  Adjustors know this and play on your need to get some money now, even if the amount is not fair.

Common Ground:  What can you do to counter this?  Calm down and be nice to the adjustor.  Find some common ground to talk about, the weather, the latest football game, their children.  The adjustor may have hundreds of open cases and they want to close your case as quickly as possible, so slow down.  This is one of your power plays.

Quick Money:  Here’s how you can get quick money to pay your medical bills without settling with the other side.  Check your policy to see if you have “med pay coverage” or “PIP” coverage.  It is usually $5,000.00.  All you have to do to get this money is to submit your medical bills to your auto insurance company and they will usually cut a check to you for the bill without much delay.  Since you are dealing with your insurance company, they owe you a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  Your insurance company may even have coverage for lost wages.  Be sure and ask your insurance agent what coverages you have.

Breathing Room:  Now that you have some breathing room and the adjustor has not accomplished his goal of getting you to accept a low-ball offer, you are in the driver’s seat.  Now is the time to start documenting your file.  Get copies of your medical records and send to the adjustor.  Send copies of your medical bills.  If you have lost time from work, send a copy of you pay stub.

Turn the Tables:  Get written statements from your co-workers, neighbors, and friends about how the car wreck affected your life.  Send these to the adjustor.  Send pictures of your injuries and property damage.  Soon you will have the adjustor wanting to unload your case.  You have turned the tables.  So, make a demand in most cases in writing that is five or six times the amount of your medical bills or their policy limits whichever is less. The adjustor will start sweating now that you are putting pressure on him to get this case resolved within policy limits.

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