Success Through a Positive mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill & Clement Stone

Positive Mental attitude leads to success sooner or later. Success is attributed to a positive way of thinking. People with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) are constantly learning, adapting and self-improving. Not backing out even when giant set backs are in their way.

When you learn to have a real positive mental attitude, you will see setbacks as challenges. You will use those difficult moments as an inspiration to rise above the situation. Remember, there will always be problems along the way, life is ever changing. We need to be able to see opportunities and possibilities lying in our present and future. Always remember, our attitudes shape our future.

This book has a wonderful take on how to avoid procrastination. It is vital that you write down your goals with set deadlines. As we complete small tasks, we stay focused and motivated. Thinking and planning are key components to get motivation rolling. While you are working towards your goals, you will have the opportunity to motivate other people on the way. One can motivate others by having faith in them.

There are some keys or principles that are necessary, along with our positive attitude, to reach our goals:

  1. Definiteness of purpose- Specific goals.
  2. Accurate thinking – Clear your thinking of fear, negative feelings or emotions and or unhealthy habits.
  3. Applied faith – Ask for divine guidance. If you are not religious, believe in yourself and the infinite intelligence.
  4. Master mind – Be around people who believe in yourself, and are invested in your success.
  5. Enthusiasm – Be your own faithful cheerleader.
  6. Going the extra mile – Try as many times as you need to succeed.
  7. Personal Initiative – Make things happen.
  8. Pleasing personality – Develop your communication skills. Become an effective communicator.
  9. Using cosmic habit force – The visualization of your success is a powerful force, whether you are aware of it or not.
  10. Maintain great physical and mental health – Success can’t be enjoyed if one is not in optimal health.
  11. Self-discipline – Get use to do what needs to be done. Avoid procrastination.
  12. Creative Vision – Your ideas come from experiences and knowledge. Everyone and everything that surrounds you, helps your creativity.
  13. Controlled attention – Focus on your goals first.
  14. Budgeting of time and money – Every action and effort should be maximized towards completing your goals.
  15. Teamwork – (See 4) Lean on those who believe in you, and work together towards a common goal.
  16. Learn from defeat – With the right attitude, setbacks and defeats will help you discover something greater.

I believe this is a fantastic, and realistic, educational book. If you want to change your life for the better, this is a must read. I suggest you not only to read it, but to study it and get into the changes necessary to succeed.