What Should I Do if I’ve Been in a Construction Accident?

If you’ve been in a construction accident in Arkansas, you aren’t alone. Working in construction is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have, and each year thousands of construction workers across the state suffer serious injuries in job-related accidents.

When you suffer injuries in a construction accident, the steps you take next can impact your life for years—if not decades—to come. As a result, you need to be very careful. You need to ensure that you are making informed decisions, and the best way to do this is to rely on the advice of an experienced construction accident attorney.

7 Steps to Take After a Construction Accident in Arkansas

With this in mind, here are seven important steps to take after a construction accident in Arkansas:

1. Report Your Injuries to Your Employer

Any time you get injured in an accident at work in Arkansas, it is important to report your injuries to your employer. This will create a record of the accident, and it will also help with preserving your legal rights if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. When you report your injuries, be as accurate and detailed as possible, and be sure to keep a copy of your report for your records. 

2. See an Approved Doctor (if Necessary)

If you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you may need to see an approved doctor in order to preserve your right to benefits. State law entitles employers (and their insurance companies) to designate healthcare providers when they provide workers’ compensation coverage; and, as the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission explains, your employer and its insurer, “may not be required to pay for treatment you seek on your own without their knowledge.” 

3. Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Once you get treatment for your injuries, you should follow your doctor’s advice. This means attending your follow-up appointments, and it means resting if your doctor tells you to rest. While you may be tempted to get back to your construction job as soon as possible, doing so could be bad for your health and your legal rights. Returning to work too soon could result in a denial of benefits—and this could leave you to deal with the long-term costs of your injuries on your own. 

4. Take Control of Your Recovery 

While it is important to follow your doctor’s advice, it is also important to take control of your recovery. If you have concerns about your treatment (which is not uncommon when dealing with a workers’ compensation doctor), you should discuss your concerns with your attorney.  

5. Take Notes About Your Construction Accident

Once you’ve gotten the initial treatment you need, you should take notes about your construction accident. Write down everything you can remember with as much detail as possible. As we’ll discuss momentarily, filing for workers’ compensation may not be your only option—and the circumstances of your accident will determine what other options (if any) you have available. 

6. Learn About Your Legal Rights 

While filing for workers’ compensation may be one option, you may also have other options for filing a claim after a construction accident in Arkansas. Not only that, but you may need to pursue other options to fully recover your injury-related losses. 

This is because workers’ compensation doesn’t cover all of the costs of job-related injuries. In fact, if your injuries are serious, you may be entitled to far more than you can recover through workers’ comp. From claims against contractors and subcontractors to claims against property owners and product manufacturers, injured construction workers may have several options for seeking the full compensation they deserve.  

7. Talk to a Construction Accident Attorney

To determine what options you have available, you will want to talk to a construction accident attorney as soon as possible. Talking to an attorney costs nothing, and it allows you to make informed decisions about your next steps. If you are entitled to financial compensation, your attorney can handle your claim (or claims) on your behalf, and your attorney can advise and represent you every step of the way. 

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