Spike Expected in GM Fatality Claims as December Deadline Approaches

General Motors Co. (GM) has now recognized 29 fatalities linked to its defective ignition switches, a number that has more than doubled since the earliest claims were filed.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who oversees the victims’ compensation fund, estimates there will be a spike in claims as the December filing deadline nears. He believes that after Thanksgiving, claimants will rush to submit, which may mean the fund is processing late claims well into 2015.

To date, Feinberg has counted 150 death claims yet to be processed.

GM has a reserve of $600 million with which to compensate approved claims, though some believe that number may not be enough. Feinberg, however, believes the reserves will be “adequate.”

2014 has been a year shrouded in controversy for GM. Currently, the automaker is embroiled in a proposed class action lawsuit that seeks damages associated with 27 million recalled vehicles totaling $10 billion, in addition to the roughly 1,500 claims for compensation it has received since Aug. 1. Claimants are asked to submit as much evidence as possible, including black box data, photographs and more, to substantiate their claim.

The deadline to file a claim for compensation is Dec. 31, 2014. If you or someone you love was hurt or killed in a recalled GM vehicle, contact Oliver Law Firm for a free case consultation.

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