Sandy Henage Much More than a Legal Assistant

Sandra Henage, better known as Sandy, has been working here at Oliver Law Firm since February 2011.  She says that she, “Looks forward to learning many new things every day”.  At Oliver Law Firm, Sandy is a Legal Assistant and so much more. She is the go to girl when you have any questions. She is normally the first one at the office and the last one to leave. Ryan Scott, attorney at Oliver Law Firm, says, “Sandy’s stalwartness is an example for all of us. Her wisdom and dedication to our clients sets her apart. As strong as she is compassionate, as smart as she is funny… Sandy is the conductor that keeps Oliver Law Firm train running on time.”

Her professional past includes work as a Claims Adjuster for Liberty Mutual Insurance and for Walmart’s Claims Management. She says she was, “Very fortunate to have worked for Walmart when Mr. Sam Walton was alive and very active in the day to day operations”. Her schooling at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri left her with a degree in Secondary Education and History in 1974.  Her family means much to her. She says, “My parents have been the biggest influence in my life”. Born in Great Bend, Kansas, Sandy did not have a typical childhood. She lived overseas with her parents from the time she was five until she was eighteen. Of her parents she says, ”Everything my parents did was to ensure their daughters had a better life and could experience as much of the world as possible”.  She married David “Dusty” Henage in 1979. She is very proud of her two children, Kathleen and David.  Always interested in learning, she is addicted to the History Channel and The National Geographic Channel. She includes on her bucket list visits to as many museums and zoos across the country as possible. If trapped on a desert island, she wants her music and books. Her favorite movies are To Kill a Mockingbird and a River Runs Through It.  She likes all kinds of music, but loves James Taylor. Her favorite subjects in school are Geography, History and English Literature and her sports were Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Field Hockey, and Track and Field events.  Her favorite foods are buttered popcorn and steak. This mild mannered legal assistant may surprise you when she decides to “Rock Out” in her office or car when she thinks no one is watching. Some of the words she lives by are, “Delay is the Antidote to Anger” and advice from her mentor, ”Never Assume Anything”.  She could correctly assume that we at Oliver Law Firm are very grateful for her and all of the hard work she does.