Safety Steps to Avoid a Dust Explosion in Your Workplace

Safety Steps to Avoid a Dust Explosion in Your Workplace

Combustible dust is finely ground particles that can be found in a number of industries including grain, tobacco, paper and textiles. Where combustible dust accumulates inside or around equipment and work surfaces, and an ignition source is present, these conditions can result in a combustible dust explosion.

A combustible dust explosion can be catastrophic and cause deaths, injuries, and destruction of entire buildings. There are safety steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of a dust explosion occurring:

  1. Implement a dust housekeeping and cleaning system.

  2. Use dust collections systems.

  3. Ventilate the areas where dust may accumulate.

  4. Use appropriate personal protective equipment where there is a risk of a combustible dust explosion such as hard hats, glasses and flame retardant clothing.

  5. Ensure safety equipment is available in the event of a burn injury such as fire showers and fire blankets.

  6. Ensure there are safety systems in place such as training of the risks of combustible dust explosions and appropriate supervision in high risk dust explosion areas.

  7. Ensure areas where an ignition source is present around combustible dust is cleared of workers.

  8. Control the presence of an ignition source such as open flames or sparks by avoiding hot maintenance work or welding in or around a building where combustible dust is a risk.

  9. The safest method to avoid the risk of harm is to shut down operations while hot maintenance work is being performed that could create an ignition source. This is the industry standard.

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