Sach Oliver Speaks to 6th Grade Class

Sach Oliver spoke to the Viola Elementary 6th grade class on Career Day. It was an awesome event. The 6th grade teachers, Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Spivey arrange for speakers to come in throughout the day to address the kids about different careers and professions. Sach presentation consisted of the following high points:

  1. A trial lawyer has the ability and duty to improve patient safety and highway safety in the communities where the lawyer practices.
  2. Viola students have every opportunity to take on any challenge and go from Viola to……anywhere. The students pick their future and Viola schooling will provide the foundation.
  3. Education is related to income. The more educated you are in your field; the more money you will usually make. Sach made sure to point out that education can mean more than college. Education can mean technical schools, apprentice programs, or old fashioned on-the-job training. Get educated.

Sach said the students were excellent, “The students paid close attention to my presentation and made some great points. I was shocked at their insightful questions. This class will make a difference in the community some day. I am honored to be asked to participate in the wonderful and educational event.”