Sach Oliver: Guest Speaker for the American Association of Justice/Kentucky Association of Justice Education Seminar May 29th & 30th, 2015

Sach Oliver will be a guest speaker May 29th & 30th for a May education seminar “David Beats Goliath: Harnessing the Power of 30(b)(6) Depositions.”

The seminar will be held in Louisville, KY at historic Churchill Downs and is being co-sponsored by the American Association of Justice and the Kentucky Justice Association, Joining Sach as guest speakers will be Mark R. Kosieradzki, The Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Phillip H. Miller, Phillip Miller and Associates, Nashville, TN.

David Beats Goliath: Harnessing the Power of 30(b)(6) Depositions

Rule 30 (b)(6) is the most underused and misunderstood weapon in the arsenal of a trial lawyer. It is not just for major corporate litigation. It can be used in any case where it is necessary to get information from an organization, regardless if they are a party! The education seminar will showcase how to cut to the chase and get the information necessary to win cases.

Harnessing the power of Rule 30(b)(6) requires a thorough understanding of the law, crafting airtight 30(b)(6) notices, and asking the correct questions to build a record to expose the adversary’s obstruction. When properly executed, 30(b)(6) can be analogized to jujitsu: the power comes from deflecting the adversary’s obstructive conduct back upon them. This advanced deposition program enables David to face Goliath without fear.

Sach is honored to be a part of this AAJ/KAJ education seminar. Because Sach has a strong history of fighting giants, as a guest speaker he has the ability to teach other trial attorneys how to utilize their inner David to win cases. If you are faced with a Goliath, contact Sach and Oliver Law Firm to help you be the David that beats the giant and wins your case.