Rules Annotated

One of the first things Oliver Law Firm taught me when I started is how to complete rules annotated. Oliver Law Firm uses rules annotated for many aspects. At this point, I mainly create rules annotated from deposition transcripts.

The main template consists of areas of importance. Some of these are safety rules and principles, causation, lies, recklessness, damages, defenses/weaknesses (red flags), and miscellaneous rules that pertain to the case. After I read through the deposition transcript, I pull out what supports that rule and put it into the template. I also attach the page number of the quote, so it can easily be found later. This allows the attorney a quick overview of the transcript.

While doing this, I have learned a lot about the case process and the importance of rules. There could be several depositions in one case, with each one consisting of hundreds of pages. Bringing the important information to the forefront helps everyone working on the case.