Putting Things in Perspective

Did you see the video of the Oklahoma Tornado that was estimated to be over one mile in width? The incredible destructive force was mesmerizing as I watched it time and again on the news stations, then on Facebook. It was viral for several days. Luckily it didn’t touch down in a densely populated area. I am almost incredulous at the meteorologists who sound almost thrilled to see such a sight. It is their trade; it’s what they do, so they become almost an admirer of the destructive force of weather. I get that. Our society seems bent on almost delighting in such destructive forces around the globe. We are thrill seekers at heart, and even though the destruction is real—very real, in fact—and it destroys people’s lives, it is almost observed as just another event among hundreds or at the least a video that is far removed from reality.

We know that devastating things happen, people’s lives are upended in tornados, raging wild fires, terrorism, loss of a loved one, hunger, poverty and job loss. From displacing hundreds or thousands of people, to affecting one person or family, it is all very real. I have to admit it is even more real when something like this happens to me. What do we do? What can we do when we observe such loss in others’ lives? The best thing to do is to become involved in some way—small or large, for we can all do something. Make a monetary contribution, volunteer in an agency close to home, or organize a mission trip to help others in times of great loss.

Not doing anything just makes us numb to the reality of life and insensitive to the plight of others. So here is the challenge.

Individuals cannot do a whole lot, but what if we asked what our company or organization can do to help others where we work or live? Do you or can we contribute regularly to a local organization that helps others? Could we or do we already do something hands on once or twice a year as a business in a local community to contribute to the well-being of our area? Doing so doesn’t only help others, it helps us to continue to stay engaged with what is happening in the world around us and serves as a reminder that no one in this world is exempt from bad things happening. It can also help us put in perspective what is and what is not important in life.

Grace and peace!

Rex A. Dickey