Protecting Our Children Part II

In my previous entry, I covered some general toy buying tips that people should consider before buying toys for their children. Today I would like to discuss a few of the more popular yet dangerous toys that you are likely to encounter in the marketplace.

Crash and Burn

If you have a child who is into things that fly, you may want to take a look at what runs their toy planes and helicopters. The Air Hogs RC Helicopters contain lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries that can burst into flames or explode of not handled correctly or are not charged with precision.[1]

Magnetic Earrings

I briefly mentioned this in my last entry. If a child swallows one of the small magnets in this product, the consequences can be very unfortunate.[2]


What in the world are Phthalates you may ask? These are chemicals used in everything from children’s makeup sets to bath toys and teething rings.[3] They are often used in children’s toys in order to make them soft and flexible.[4] The problem however, is that these chemicals have been proven to pose risks to children’s reproductive and endocrine systems.[5]

The Buzz about Dora the Explorer

Dora is a sensation with children, and you can even purchase a Dora lamp for your child. There is a potential problem with this though. A young child may mistake the lamp as a play toy, and if the lamp is plugged in, this exposes the child to risk of electric shock.[6]

Lead Dangers

Lead is a dangerous substance which can cause developmental problems in children.[7] Fairy backpacks and bags made by Tyrrell Katz have been found to contain dangerously high amounts of lead, as well as traces of arsenic and mercury.[8]

Highs School Musical Rockerz

Tests have shown that the High School Musical Rockerz toy guitars achieve volume in excess of 90 decibels.[9] Exposure to sounds that loud can cause hearing damage within 2 hours.[10]

Strangulation/Choking Hazards

Toys with long strings/cords pose strangulation hazards to young children. Two such popular toys are the Yo-Yo Ball and the Pull and Pop Pelican.[11] From 2002 to 2006, there were sixteen incidents of children losing consciousness because of the Yo-Yo Ball wrapping around their neck.[12] In addition, toys such as the Polly Pocket and Barbie Peek A Boo contain really small parts which if swallowed, can cause young children to choke.[13]

The previously mentioned products are some of the more dangerous toys that your children may come into contact with. We should be aware of potential dangers that threaten our kids. Taking proper precautions such as informing ourselves about dangerous toys is just a small, yet very important part of protecting our children.