Protect Yourself as A Consumer

Many times we go to the local supermarket and do not think twice about the food that we grab. This is usually not a problem. Even if we happen to grab a “bad apple,” it might not be so bad. A few days of sickness, and we are over it. However, we are consumers of many products besides food. Yes, tainted food can be dangerous, even deadly, but as consumers, there are more dangerous products that we should keep close tabs on.

I am sure you have seen the many reports on recalled products on the evening news, or even the special reports dealing with the same. However, it may be dangerous if the first time you see such reports is on the evening news. The news does not report on every recalled product.

We are consumers of everything from automobiles to prescription drugs. The two previously mentioned products are perhaps some of the most dangerous products that we consume. Just because something is in the marketplace, should we assume that it is safe to use? I would venture to say that such assumptions would not be wise.

My point is that we should be well-informed consumers. It is probably unwise to assume safety. Sure, many products on the market place are safe, but it is probably wise to do some research. If you are about to buy a new car, check out the safety specks on it. If you are taking prescription drugs, do your own research on it. Know potential side effects etc. Also, keep a check on FDA recalls. Do not be the last to be informed that your new prescription is unsafe.

The following are just a few of the websites that will help you in your quest to become an informed consumer.