Problems with Getting Justice in a Truck Accident Case

SemiBig trucks are like armored tanks on our roads. No other vehicle on the road can cause so much mayhem. The trucks we see on the road every day can weigh over 70,000 pounds. A typical large SUV weighs in at around 6,000 pounds. Can you see the difference here? It is like a feather weight in the ring with a heavy weight. Who do you think will win that fight? Truck drivers are probably not going to be injured, but the occupants of a vehicle will usually be catastrophically injured or killed if they are hit by a semi.

If you or a loved one has been in a fight with a big truck, the first concern is to get medical treatment for your injuries and focus on getting well. That medical treatment may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance companies know that most people can’t afford to pay for that kind of treatment and will hold the injured person hostage for a low settlement. Have you heard that insurance companies like to collect premiums, but are loath to pay out claims?

Getting what you deserve from the insurance company and their team of lawyers can almost be impossible without legal representation.

Give us a call at 479-202-5200 before you sign anything or give a recorded statement to the insurance company. Without proper legal advice the insurance company can trick you into making a statement that will hurt your case and your ability to recover compensation. We have a team of lawyers that will be on your side and even the odds of your getting justice. We are located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas just off I-49 in Rogers, Arkansas. We can handle cases all over Arkansas and the surrounding states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee. We are like the old fashioned doctor. We make house calls and listen to our clients.

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