Opioid Babies Are Innocent Victims

Morphine Sulfate, OxyContin, Opana ER. What do these drugs have in common? These are all addictive drugs. According to The Atlantic, in 2012 there were 793 million doses of opioids prescribed in the state of Ohio, enough to supply every man, woman, and child, in that state with 68 pills each. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/06/lawsuit-pharmaceutical-companies-opioids/529020/

Who is responsible for this? Some attorneys general are now asking in court whether the pharmaceutical companies who marked the drugs and downplayed their addictive nature are legally responsible.

There is significant evidence that pharmaceutical companies may have engaged in some activities that led to the opioid crisis. A Los Angeles Times investigation into Purdue Pharma, for instance, found that the drug maker, which marketed Ocycontin as relieving pain for 12 hours, knew that the drug wore off before that time period. Since the drug didn’t last as long as promised, some patients suffered withdrawal, which led them to become addicted. https://www.latimes.com/projects/oxycontin-part1/

What are the harms? This is the most tragic part. The most egregious harms are the babies that are born addicted to these drugs. These babies had no choice. They are innocent and suffer the most painful withdrawal symptoms imaginable.

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