My Month at Oliver Law Firm by Will Sasine

Will SasineThere are a lot of things that I learned this summer. I learned that you can only carry Zodiac inflatable boats in teams of at least ten. I learned that altitude sickness can affect you on the way down a mountain as well as on the way up. I also learned research skills that I will use my last year of High School and beyond. I learned how to manage my time when given tasks that I need to complete by a deadline. I learned how to pack a car full of boxes to maximize efficiency. I can attribute most of those things I learned this summer, with the exception of the Zodiac skills and the Mountaineering tips, with my internship at Oliver Law Firm. The month I spent at Oliver Law Firm was a great experience for me, but July 2nd was not my first experience with the firm. Oliver Law Firm Speech Competition was my first exposure to the office, the people and the experiences I would have during my summer internship. I got signed up for the Speech Competition because of my involvement with the Bentonville High School Debate Team. We all wrote speeches and presented them to our teacher and coach, Mrs. Woods. She judged us and put the top fifteen on the docket to speak at the Competition. I remember the morning I arrived at the Speech Competition. My competitors and I waited patiently as our names were called and gave our speeches. At the end of the day, I didn’t expect a win. I was extremely surprised and pleased when Sach announced that I had won second place. I went home pleased that I had done well, but I got to thinking, this is a good opportunity for me to learn. I wrote some emails, made some phone calls, and showed up my first day of work. The past month has been an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot about a career that I am very interested in. I appreciate the people that I have had the opportunity to work with. I enjoyed the time I have spent proofreading motions, writing blog posts, and carrying things to the new office. I want to thank all the people who made my internship possible and enjoyable.

Intern Will Sasine with Oliver Law Firm staff