Keep On The Lookout for Motorcyclists

This weekend marks the 18th anniversary of Bikes, Blues and BBQ. Bike enthusiast from around the nation come toFayetteville, Arkansas for live music, drinks and to see fellow riders. That being said, the event also greatly increases traffic in a region whose drivers are not accustomed to a large number of motorcyclists. Operating a motorcycle is already a more dangerous endeavor than operating an automobile, and when gathered in a large amount the chance of a wreck increasesdramatically. This is why we at Oliver Law Firm believe it is important to arm you with the right information to get you through this festive weekend safely.

BBB, as it’s more commonly known, takes place in Fayetteville but motorcyclist frequently take in the sites from surrounding locales as well. The most trafficked regions during the event are Washington and Benton county, which just so happen to also be two out of the top three counties in Arkansas for total amount of motorcycle crashes. If that were not reason enough to keep your head on a swivel, in 2014 there were 135 alcohol-related fatalities reported in the State. BBB is a fun event where people can come together and have a good time; however, it is no secret that a lot of alcohol is consumed over the course of the weekend. So, now more than usual is a dangerous time to be a motorcyclist on the road.

A surprising bit of information we came across was the main culprit in motorcycle crashes. Bikers generally have a stereotype for being reckless drivers who bend the rules of the road as they weave in and out of traffic. In a study conducted to look at the cause of motorcycle accidents it was found that in multiple vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcycle right-of-way and caused the accident in roughly 66% of those accidents. A 2003 study by the NHTSA also concluded that in multiple vehicle accidents the motorcyclist was less at fault than the other driver 80% of the time! What this tells us is that bikers traveling around this weekend are most at risk from local drivers and not their own behavior.

So, now you might be wondering what to do if you are involved in an accident this weekend. The first thing you should do is seek medical attention, even if you do not think you need it. The medical attention, in addition to helping heal known and unknown injuries, will also serve to accurately document your injuries which you can then produce for the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This means you will have the complete picture of your accident so that you get the full compensation you deserve. If the other driver is cooperative then financial recovery can be simple, but not everyone is so lucky. In the instance where you are finding it difficult to recover from the at-fault driver, or you simply have questions regarding the legality of your situation, feel free to contact the office of Oliver Law Firm. R

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