“Impaired” Pathologist Misdiagnosed Patients at VA Hospital, Fayetteville, AR

A pathologist at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville was recently fired after an investigation revealed the pathologist worked while “impaired” and misdiagnosed patients. At least one death has resulted from the misdiagnoses, and nearly 20,000 local veterans are also at risk.

Thirty pathologists from around the state and region have volunteered to review the impaired pathologist’s cases dating back to 2005, including 5,250 cases involving patients who are now deceased. The pathologist was suspended in 2016 for working while impaired, and he completed a recovery program before resuming his work. Administrators reviewed his records for the previous year, and no problems were found. Upon review of the pathologist’s 900 cases since returning to work, 7 missed diagnoses have been discovered.

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The Veterans Healthcare Center of the Ozarks has an informational hotline available for concerned veterans and their loved ones at (866) 388-5428, or locally at (479) 582-7995