How Trucking Companies Get the Advantage

INTERSTATE WRECKIf you are involved in a wreck with a tractor-trailer, the first call the truck driver makes is to the trucking company. While you are on the way to the hospital, the trucking company is dispatching its Rapid Response Team to do a crash investigation. Why is this important?

The trucking company’s Rapid Response Team usually consists of a defense attorney, an accident reconstructionist, and other experts. Their purpose is to influence the investigation in favor of the trucking company. How is this done?

Immediately after being notified of a crash, the trucking company will send a letter to their defense attorney basically stating, “In anticipation of litigation we want you to investigate this crash.” Why is that done? That is done so later, the trucking company can argue that what the Rapid Response Team found is not discoverable in litigation and is subject to attorney client privilege and or the work product doctrine.

When the Rapid Response Team arrives at the site of the crash, they will talk to the investigating officer, first responders, and any witnesses in an attempt to influence the investigation in favor of the trucking company. They will look for any surveillance cameras that may have captured the crash and take multiple photographs.

In addition to that, the Rapid Response Team will start investigating the background of the individuals who were injured, their friends and families, in an attempt to obtain evidence that can later be used to defeat the victims claims of injury.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important you have someone on your side early to balance the scales. At Oliver Law Firm, we work with a team of accident investigators who can level the playing field, if they get an early start. The lawyers at Oliver Law Firm will be glad to answer your questions. Just call (479) 202-5200.

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