How can a door create a successful law firm?

There are a lot of different types of doors. Doors to keep things in, doors to keep things out, and doors that do both. Our success relies on the later, a door that produces successful input and output.

At Oliver Law Firm we work as a team. Our Catastrophic Injury team meets every Monday morning in a room we refer to as “The Think Tank.”  In this room every case is discussed, assignments are given, and to-do lists are made.

We’ve been asked many times what’s your firm’s secret to success? It’s not really a secret. Everyone agrees hard work pays off. But, we believe winning cases is more than hard work. It’s teamwork. And, more than teamwork, it’s the way the team members work together. During our Monday morning meetings in “The Think Tank,” the team collaborates to energize, engage, and orient each other toward the dynamics of each case. This teamwork is critical to our success.

So now you know our secret to success. The alliance of great team members with caring hearts, along with hard work, is how we win cases.

But, what about the door?