The History of Railroad Crossing Incidents in Arkansas, Part 1

1975 -2018 blog 1 chartRailroads affect many aspects of our everyday lives, even when we don’t realize it. From delivering goods to different parts of the state to ensuring our communities are well connected across the country, railroads do it all. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture, the first actual railroad in Arkansas was laid down in 1858. Since then our capabilities have only grown and Arkansas is now home to an intricate network of rails and trains. With this immense growth comes the inevitable increase of accidents; specifically, those related to railroad crossings.

These accidents happen due to different reasons, such as mechanical failure, derailments, problems with the track itself, or human error. Many of these incidents are often caused by the mere fact that we are human, and we are subject to making mistakes. Trying to make a crossing as fast as possible, being distracted, or failing to see the warnings can create a situation in which one is more likely to crash. There is also the issue of malfunctioning of the tracks, equipment or warnings; if the signs are not properly placed or not working, which can increase the chances of an incident. Our state is no stranger to these types of accidents and in order to understand the importance and at times frequency of such cases, its history and current conditions must be explored.

The list below shows the number of railroad crossing accidents in the state of Arkansas since 1975; this is information provided by the Federal Railroad Administration and is simply an overview of each year. It does not indicate the amount of people that were injured or killed. It encompasses all types of incidents and considers numerous factors such as damage to the equipment or the tracks.

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