Have you ever been in a wreck?


It was early Monday morning, just last week when I was on my way to work. There were no weather dangers to speak of, except a dense fog advisory, at least none that I could see. As I rolled on down the interstate in the mist of heavy traffic, listening to my usual music…right in front of me it happened. CRASH! As traffic came to a stop and I jumped out of my vehicle. I didn’t think about who I worked for; I only wanted to see if everyone was okay. Luckily, there were no injuries. The only thing that appeared to be injured was the young man’s ego for the dent in his new Camaro. This isn’t always the case. Most people have no idea about the steps they need to take at the scene of an accident to protect themselves, receive treatment or get the damage done to their vehicle repaired.

It’s a very hard position to be placed in, I have been there myself.  I wasn’t as fortunate as the drivers that day.  It is such a comfort, that when you need someone in your corner…that’s when our team at Oliver Law Firm steps up to the plate. 

Involved in a wreck? Now what?! https://www.oliverlawfirm.com/news/2016/oct/28/involved-wreck-now-what/