The Greatest Salesman in the World, by OG Mandino

Sandy HenageI decided to read this book because of the positive book memos from Olivia and Deborah. I was surprised at the beginning and was not real sure I would enjoy the book and how it would relate to real time. I did obviously read this book but it was not one of my favorites.

My takeaways from the book were that there is not anything magic about being successful or happy. True wealth is not about money or materialism. People should strive for happiness to be loved or to love and to achieve peace of mind and serenity. Nothing in life is easy and it will require work on your part. Success requires determination, hard work and overcoming obstacles.

In the book a simple camel boy saw successful salesmen and wanted to be one of them so he was befriended and given scrolls to read put into practice what he read to ensure success. The first lesson to be learned was to follow instructions, give half of your profits to the less fortunate. Cultivate humility and good habits and eventually they will become part of you. You must learn to love all mankind. Persistence will pay off with success. You must learn to love yourself. Everyone is a unique person and you must understand your self-worth and understand that everyone is a miracle but you must believe in yourself.

People must learn to laugh at the world. Do not take yourself too seriously. This chapter contains one of my favorite sayings and one I use almost weekly which is “this too shall pass.” When I have had personal trials and tribulations I repeated this to myself like a mantra and still do as a matter of fact. “Failures will vanish with new dreams and evil will die and goodness will succeed. Laugh and be happy and enjoy your life and work.” Remind yourself like the character in the book to be happy and satisfied with you as a person.

People should know their value and abilities and to continue to improve. You must continue to learn and not be satisfied with the status quo. If you have reached your goals then set new goals. Do not become complacent keep striving to be your best.

The character practiced and implemented what he learned from the scrolls and he did indeed become The Greatest Salesman in the World.

I think the book was a good parable for teaching that we all have to work on ourselves, that nothing is handed to us and it is up to ourselves to work hard and know that you will be rewarded. By continuously trying to improve ourselves we are in a better position to help our clients, family and friends. Accept the differences in people and embrace the diversity and everyone can succeed in all aspects of work and life.