Final Approach

Geoff YOU 3rd Blog(This is the third blog in the series on my attempt to qualify for the U.S. Mid-Am. For the first two blogs in the series, click here and here.)

We are now less than one week out from the Mid-Am qualifying tournament. In the last blog I talked about a couple of weaknesses I had concerning tournament golf, so in an attempt to get some more practice under my belt I signed up and played in a local tournament. I played decently and finished 2nd. I could have scored much better but my emotions got away from me when I got out of my comfort zone. I think playing in that tournament will help me be much more prepared for the way I’ll feel Monday morning.

I also recently took a trip with my dad and two of my brothers to Whistling Straits where we played A LOT of golf and I got a lesson from a PGA Pro. This was an amazing trip and thinking about all of the golf history that has occurred there really helped put this qualifying round in perspective

.YOU Geoff Playing Golf

Now that this process is almost over, I’ve come to realize a few things. The last blog will focus on this, but I can tell that preparing for this tournament has helped me improve myself immensely. For now, I’m excited about finally getting the chance to play a prestigious course and see how far I’ve come. Hopefully next week I’ll be back with some good news!