Fatigue Identified As Factor In Tracy Morgan Truck Accident

Truck accidents are especially dangerous because they often cause multiple vehicles to become involved in the accident because the trucks are so large. In the accident involving Tracy Morgan, at least six vehicles were involved the pileup.

The truck driver is alleged to have been driving without sleeping for more than 24 hours. Under New Jersey state law, driving for more than 24 hours is considered reckless driving. If the prosecution is able to prove that the driver of the truck was in fact driving without sleeping for more than a day, than he may be facing between five and ten years if convicted.

Sleep deprivation is common among American drivers. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that about 60% of drivers have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy within the last 12 months. Additionally, about 103 million people report actually falling asleep while driving. Of those who fell asleep at the wheel, 11 million have actually been involved in a car accident or experienced a near miss.

Sleep-related car crashes cause over 71,000 injuries each year and individuals like Mr. Morgan pay the price. Currently, Mr. Morgan is in critical but stable condition. He is expected to remain in the hospital for at least several more weeks.

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