Duck Boat Capsizes in Branson

Branson Missouri brings back memories of families enjoying the rides at Silver Dollar City, or shopping at the outdoor mall. Now a different memory will be engraved on the minds of tourists when they visit Branson. A duck boat capsized last Thursday, killing at least seventeen people. Of the 31 aboard the boat at the time it capsized, all have been accounted for.

Ride the Ducks Branson is owned by Ripley Entertainment. Its president, Jim Pattison Jr., said the storm “came out of nowhere”. Branson was under a severe thunderstorm warning issued shortly after 6:30 p.m. It is believed the warning was issued about half an hour before the boat capsized.

A similar incident occurred in May of 1999 when a duck boat capsized on Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs Arkansas. Eleven people drowned as a result of that boat sinking.

The Coast Guard and a team from the National Transportation Safety Board will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of yet another tragic event.

At Oliver Law Firm, our hearts are saddened anytime there is a preventable tragic event such as this.